Google auto-complete can give you an idea of what people are thinking, I suppose. 

One way to catch a foul ball:

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Douglas Adams.

A really great baseball podcast is Stealing Home.  It’s presented in a slick, well produced way that reminds one of Radiolab or 99 Percent Invisible.

What makes it especially intriguing is that, unlike most other sports-related podcasts, the episodes are timeless.  There’s no “so what happened this week” or “what do you think will happen next week.”  Every episode talks about a distinct topic that is interesting 12 months a year. 

Also, my tumblr profile picture is also used on one of their episodes, but to be honest, I just Google imaged searched the image and “adopted” it.  But I love that I stumbled across it on an archived episode there.  Great show!

It’s raining where I live, but Spring feels very real to me as a baseball fan.  Spring Training begins today!  I have my subscription ready, the day off of work, and I’m ready to listen to baseball as I cram for school work.  I can’t be sunnier than I am now….

I don’t want to admit that the internet has possibly affected our collective attention spans for the worse.  It’s probably true.  But even if it isn’t, there’s something to be said about website design that is **BAM!!** to the point and doesn’t waste your time.  Putting just about everything you need for a user on one page without overloading their senses is a form of excellence.  Portland State University’s library page has a section called “Library DIY” that does exactly that.  I love it.  The actual home page of their library is equally impressive on the “it has everything you need without making your eyes glaze over” factor as well.  Maybe this in particular isn’t your style.  But the substance is great.  Don’t waste your users’ time.  If they want more, then remember that the home page is only your table of contents.  You can put the magic under the hood if the user wants that….

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn’s letter to Curt Flood.